Technology to Future-Proof Your Natural Gas Pipeline for Growth

23 Mar Technology to Future-Proof Your Natural Gas Pipeline for Growth

According to the International Energy Outlook 2016 (IEO2016), by energy source, natural gas accounts for the largest increase in world primary energy consumption. Natural gas is increasingly being sought as the premiere choice of fuel for electric power generation plants – with much of that demand coming from Asian countries experiencing strong economic growth. The industrial and electric power sectors together account for 73 percent of the total increase in world natural gas consumption, and they account for about 74 percent of total natural gas consumption through 2040.

In the United States, natural gas pipeline exports increased by almost 22 percent in 2016, and the country is anticipated to become a net natural gas exporter in 2018.

To meet the rising natural gas demand projected in the IEO2016 Reference case, the world’s natural gas producers must increase supplies by nearly 69 percent from 2012 to 2040. In order to accommodate this increase, we must plan for infrastructure and operations that create value if the commodity prices remain high and extraction and transfer are conducted with relative ease.

In the last decade, estimates for total U.S. technically recoverable natural gas resources in the U.S. have doubled. However, if any future restrictions are placed on developing the U.S. shale gas resource – which significantly contributed to that increased production estimate – we can maximize potential now and optimize current operations with the right kind of automation software, hardware and processes. Automation and planning enables gas producers to:

• Work more efficiently with existing human and natural resources
• Ensure that we have resiliency against any staff losses we have due to the pending retirement boom
• Decrease cost right down to the transactional level

Automation is at the core of Trellis Energy’s gas transaction management platform. As the industry continues to grapple with a widening skills gap; increasing cost per pipeline mile; gas price volatility; a dynamic regulatory market; and a pressure to improve reliability, Trellis’ Energy Transaction Management System has been purpose-built to automate business processes in the natural gas and energy industries offering scalability, reliability and agility in a rapidly changing environment. Trellis’s software supports customers in future-proofing their natural gas pipelines for growth and is the only cloud-based solution on the market.

You may find a link to the full Pipeline and Gas Journal article on natural gas automation linked in the Trellis in the News section.