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Leadership Blog Series: Douglas Allen

In this series, we’re pulling back the curtain and revealing the amazing humans that power our technology and empower our decisions. Today, we’re joined by Trellis Vice President, Douglas Allen.

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Leveraging Technology to Future Proof Your Business

Recently, I presented a webinar entitled “Digital Transformation: Future Proof Your Business.” Today, I want to break down some of the key points covered in that webinar and discuss how your energy company can navigate the ever-changing waters of 2021.

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An Introduction to NAESB Standards & Compliance

Energy transaction compliance is fraught with an alphabet soup of acronyms and plenty of lengthy compliance and standards documentation. Luckily, you really only need to know two: NAESB and FERC. Read more about these two guiding lights in energy transaction compliance.

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How to Use Operational Intelligence for Meaningful Insights into Your Business

Despite the operational complexity of natural gas infrastructure, modern analytics brings tangible value to energy companies — regardless of where their productivity gaps exist. Operational intelligence — a field of data analytics that emphasizes real-time data and rapid-fire decision-making — can help O&G companies discover productivity issues and correct them before they impact the bottom-line.

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