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Our featured client owns and operates natural gas intrastate pipeline and storage facilities located along Southern Louisiana and serves the Mississippi River industrial, utility, power generation and LDC marketplace between Baton Rouge and New Orleans Louisiana. The pipeline has connections to storage and other interstate and intrastate pipeline systems. All the pipeline and storage commercial and operational functions were managed on a system that had reached its “End of Life” state.

Featuring the functionality of both a high-pressure and intermediate-pressure pipeline, this integrated pipeline network provides a varied range of natural gas products and deliveries through its interconnects with nearly every pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico west of Venice, Louisiana. Our client offers a full range of gas storage options for both firm and interruptible services. This allows them to create unique operational and financial storage services offerings for the natural gas industry.

When they approached us, our client made it clear that they were looking for a “state-of-the-art” business solution to manage the full spectrum of their pipeline’s storage and gas transaction functions, along with the automation of measurement allocation, billing calculations, and invoicing functionality. In addition, they were also seeking a single platform solution that would manage and provide real time calculation on counterparty credit and risk exposures. The Trellis™ platform was carefully selected and then successfully deployed into production in July 2014. Since becoming operational with the new system, our client’s schedulers and gas accountants have been able to perform their daily and monthly tasks in significantly less time, making them more productive, and better able to focus more quality time on customer services related activities.

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