Digital Transformation: Leveraging Technology for Success During Uncertain Times

With operational shifts as employees and entire organizations learn to work remotely, we are experiencing unprecedented change. Work locations, processes, and procedures that once may have taken the better part of a decade to move to a work-from-home or remote environment have transformed and manifested in just 6-9 short months. The natural gas industry certainly has not been immune to this. Such rapid change begs the following question of leadership teams across the country and in some cases around the world: how have you positioned your employee base to work in this new normal?

Watch this engaging 45-minute webinar discussion to learn how you can digitally transform your business and set your organization up for success amid uncertain times. Douglas Allen, Trellis Vice President, will share with you why it is important now more than ever to invest in an industry-focused solution to help manage your energy supply chain. Learn how leveraging such technology can ensure that you are positioned to run your business smarter in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

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