Information Hub

The latest market data and information at your fingertips.

Aggregation. Insights. Personalization.

Natural gas scheduling and trading across NAESB cycles require a balancing act. You are constantly battling the clock as you monitor supply, markets, logistics, and sift through OFOs, outages, notices, tariffs, fuel and price changes across multiple partners. Energy volumes need to be reconciled. Imbalances need to be settled. We understand your challenges and priorities.

Information Hub is the tool for schedulers, traders, and business analysts to ease their daily balancing act. It provides a one-stop-shop where you can personalize and analyze data from multiple transporters. Dashboards allow you to easily see data based on your needs and preferences. You can make better decisions faster.

We simplify the information gathering process for your organization so you can improve your bottom line and run your business smarter.

The tool for schedulers, traders, and business analysts to make intelligent decisions.


Access market information and posted data from regulated entities in a single, aggregated format.


Save time and gain market insights with personalized market intelligence and analysis.

customizable dashboards

See summarized information based on specified preferences in an easily configurable dashboard.