Webinar: Moving from Spreadsheets to a Gas System

Are you running your business on spreadsheets today? Love them or hate them, Excel spreadsheets have a solid footing in virtually every business. The natural gas business is no exception. There will always be a place for spreadsheets in our day-to-day business. However, as you continue to scale, grow, and mature your business, this begs the question: what types of risk does your business assume on a daily basis using spreadsheets?

Take a closer look at where spreadsheets should fit into your business and why relying solely on them could be a costly mistake for your company—a mistake that has cost other companies significant dollars. Douglas Allen, Trellis Vice President, shares why spreadsheets will always have a place in business, the challenges and risks of using them exclusively, and how the right gas system is an affordable, lower-risk solution to manage the backbone of your business.

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