Revolutionize Your Energy Back-Office Operations with

Trellis’ NAtural Gas Accounting Software Module

At Trellis Energy, we understand the distinct differences between gas accounting and financial accounting. We know the only real way to learn gas accounting is to run an operation first hand. That’s why our natural gas accounting software module is specifically designed to meet the particular needs and challenges facing gas accountants. Trying to force general accounting software to meet the needs of your natural gas operations is like trying to push a rope up hill. Agora’s experienced-built gas accounting software module was specifically designed to support your needs. Using a module that fits your business allows you to manage a real-time operation with visibility, accuracy and effectiveness.

Trellis Energy’s natural gas accounting module is part of our Agora platform and incorporates the latest rules and process best practices from a variety of operational situations. Leveraging Agora’s capabilities helps your company transition from manual spreadsheets to an automated business process, reducing any errors or overhead and protecting profits. Our natural gas accounting software module is designed to help every natural gas market participant from wellhead to burner tip, including pipeline and gathering asset owners, as well as storage players and shippers who need to track their operations. 

More importantly, Trellis’ module helps you meet the challenges of the ever-changing marketplace with a variety of practical, cost-effective solutions all within a single platform. Trellis Agora is the preferred accounting software solution for natural gas companies throughout the industry.

Benefits of Using the Trellis Energy Platform for Your Natural Gas Accounting Needs

Trellis Energy knows the importance of having an easy-to-use platform with versatility and functionality. Our goal is for customers to have a gas accounting system with real-time updates and accurate data that meet the specific needs of gas accountants. With Trellis Agora, you enjoy the benefits of:

Single Platform

Using Trellis Agora, you can manage all of your assets, contracts, actualization, taxes, tariffs, and invoicing through one platform. The result? Straight through processing of your contracts and transactions. Fewer issues downstream in your gas accounting processes. Faster month end closes.

Seamless System Integration

Ensure easy access to your general ledger, actualization data, index pricing, and other relevant data to keep your month-end close running smoothly. Agora is designed to integrate with your IT ecosystem by incorporating a variety of open-standard API first integration options.

Automated Efficiency

Reduce or eliminate manual accounting tasks, decreasing your overall costs and improving efficiency and consistency in your gas accounting processes. Using the latest information, Agora can perform complex settlement calculations, generate reports, highlight missing data, all while guiding you through the month-end process with easy-to-use red, green, or yellow indicators.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your operation’s compliance with regulatory and SOX standards. Always have key information readily available for auditing purposes. Track your compliance for everything from NAESB, FERC, and PUC to SOX auditing and SOC2 reporting requirements. 

Evolve and Scale Your Business

Change and grow your business in any direction with ease. Our modular software design allows you to add functionality as you scale your business, keeping your business flexible and versatile in the ever-changing gas industry.

At Trellis, we are committed to providing our customers in the natural gas industry with state-of-the-art, cloud-based software specifically tailored to their unique needs. To learn more about our gas accounting solutions, contact the experts at Trellis today!

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