Natural Gas Nominations & Scheduling Software

Still trying to manage your natural gas nominations & scheduling with spreadsheets and homegrown tools? With the Trellis natural gas nomination and scheduling software platform at your fingertips, your world is about to get a whole lot easier.

Managing Gas Nominations and Scheduling Manually is Grossly Inefficient

While the oil & gas industry has grown exponentially in recent decades, it’s been slow to adopt the technology infrastructure needed to manage the complex array of transactions necessary to keep the pipelines flowing. Relying on spreadsheets, paper ledgers, and generalized business software to capture natural gas nomination and scheduling data, manage contracts, and schedule delivery while adhering to regulatory requirements can lead to revenue-losing inefficiencies. 

Natural Gas Scheduling Software Eliminates Data Loss and Dynamic Update Problems

With so many complex data points, manually managing your nominations and scheduling leads to a variety of problems. From lost data, transaction errors, and the constant need to deal with updating the never-ending stream of changing information, it’s easy to see how manual errors can quickly lead to wasted resources and lost revenue. 

Plus, when you rely on a patchwork of gas scheduling systems developed and implemented 20 to 25 years ago, it’s difficult to quantify the cost of your systems. You can easily lose track of your operational ROI. Further, the lack of efficiencies in terms of physical and human resources, missed deadlines, lost orders, and regulatory compliance issues means that you’re likely missing the big picture of lost revenue potential. 

Easily Manage Your Orders and Deliveries for Improved Revenue with Gas Nomination Software

The Trellis Agora cloud-based SaaS platform is designed to manage the complex data streams and transactions that support your gas nominations and scheduling operations. From a single hub that you can access anywhere, you’ll have immediate, top-level insight into every aspect of your orders and deliveries. 

In fact, Trellis Agora is the world’s first SaaS B2B online data management tool designed specifically for the natural gas supply industry. Save time, streamline your nominations and scheduling activities, and dramatically improve your operational efficiency while benefiting from up-to-the-minute insight into business performance. 

Trellis Energy’s SaaS-based Gas Nomination & Software Scheduling Software Solution Simplifies the Process

Trellis Agora is a revolutionary way to connect, manage, and analyze your natural gas operations. For producers, it makes the complex web of transactions simple, with all the actionable information and tools you need right at your fingertips.

As a cloud-based, fully-consolidated application, Trellis Agora revolutionizes energy management. With a centralized repository of data that tracks across all silos — from market analysis, nominations and transportation logistics to revenue management, customer care, settlement, and much more — Agora delivers the entire range of operational management right to your desktop. 

Through the Transaction Hub, you’ll be able to have complete control over your energy assets, with easy-to-use tools to manage nominations, logistics, scheduling, and more — think of it as a complete natural gas supply chain management tool all in one. 

Natural Gas Pipeline Nominations & Contract Management

With Trellis Agora gas nomination software at the ready, you have complete control over your contract management. With full cross-data integration, you are able to manage all critical details, including purchase requests, quantities, delivery points, transportation agreements, contract terms, and more. Confirm nomination requests and designate gas delivery and alternate gas delivery points while simultaneously processing delivery receipts. 

With all the necessary data in one place and easily accessible, you no longer have to waste time and effort juggling spreadsheets, manually confirming orders, and collating necessary regulatory compliance data. It’s all there, where and when you need it. 

A Complete Gas Scheduling and Transportation Logistics Solution

The logistical complexities of scheduling and executing the transportation of your energy assets makes trying to plan and track arrangements on spreadsheets a nightmare. Trellis Agora allows you to handle and monitor your natural gas scheduling with ease. From pipeline selection to gas delivery points, the system monitors the delivery flow, confirms delivery, and ensures the billing details are captured. But it doesn’t end there. Agora helps to ensure that charges are correct, payments are received, and provides complete management of customer receivables. 

A Secure, Cloud-Based, SaaS Software Architecture

Your data will be accessible from anywhere you choose, giving you unrivaled flexibility in how you manage your business. The cloud-based SaaS software architecture relies on the latest secure data encryption protocols, giving you the peace of mind that knowing your valuable data is completely secure. In addition, it’ll integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, thanks to the open standard tools allowing you to link with a wide range of ERP and data streaming sources. 

Gas Nomination and Scheduling Software That Will Simplify Your Operations and Improve Revenue

Take advantage of Trellis Agora natural gas nomination and scheduling software and eliminate errors and problems due to manual management. You’ll save time and resources while improving your energy asset management and benefit from full intelligent dashboards to know how it’s all coming together. 

With the improved efficiencies and reduced errors, your administration ROI will increase dramatically, along with improved contract and delivery management. At the end of the day, Trellis Agora’s natural gas nomination and scheduling platform will help you enjoy a superior revenue performance.

The tool for schedulers, traders, and business analysts to make intelligent decisions.


Access market information and posted data from regulated entities in a single, aggregated format.


Save time and gain market insights with personalized market intelligence and analysis.

customizable dashboards

See summarized information based on specified preferences in an easily configurable dashboard.