Trellis’ Gas Supply Software Module

Whether you are a utility or industrial end user, managing your gas supply is a critical activity.

Trellis Agora offers a comprehensive set of tools for you to buy, transport and manage your imbalances and settlements. Trellis Energy’s gas supply software is part of our Agora platform and incorporates best practices from a variety of operational situations.

Leveraging Agora’s gas supply functionality helps your company transition from manual spreadsheets or outdated systems to an automated business process, reducing errors or overhead while protecting profits.

With Trellis Agora’s gas supply software, you get easy-to-use capabilities with an intuitive user interface.

  • Deal entry for physical gas purchases and sales
  • Trade and credit monitoring controls
  • Position management
  • Contract management and workflow
  • Scheduling (nominations, scheduled quantities)
  • Workflow automation for nominations and actuals to and from pipelines
  • Actualizations and imbalances
  • Invoices and pipeline reconciliation statements
  • Integrations (market pricing, general ledger)


As prices of natural gas trend up and available capacity trends down, knowing your position for
supply and imbalances is critical. Don’t let an easily avoidable error cause you to incur penalties
or, worse, impact daily operations at your plants or utility. Without full visibility and auditable
transactions, extreme weather events can leave you exposed when prices spike. Many
manufacturers using gas for feedstock and utilities have discovered gaps in their processes,
spreadsheets and reporting during such events. Don’t put your supply at risk.

In our market research, the February 2021 polar vortex cost industrial end users and utilities
tens of thousands of dollars and, in some instances, millions of dollars. Reconciling deals and
imbalances took thousands of hours more. In some cases involving spreadsheets, companies
will likely never be fully reconciled.

Trellis Agora captures all your transactions, along with all the changes that occur in a fast –
moving situation. Incorporating best practice workflows and controls, Agora ensures every
change is auditable and available for reporting quickly and easily.

Save time. Save money. Gain peace of mind.


The tool for schedulers, traders, and business analysts to make intelligent decisions.


Access market information and posted data from regulated entities in a single, aggregated format.


Save time and gain market insights with personalized market intelligence and analysis.

customizable dashboards

See summarized information based on specified preferences in an easily configurable dashboard.