New England Pipeline Transforms and Digitizes Critical Processes with Trellis Energy

SAN FRANCISCO – September 15, 2016Trellis Energy, the leading provider of software and services for electric and natural gas companies to better manage their energy assets, today announced that its Trellis™ natural gas transaction management platform has been selected to automate critical business processes by an interstate natural gas pipeline serving the New England region. The utility, which serves more than 75,000 natural gas and 100,000 electric customers, will deploy Trellis software to digitize contract management, reconciliation, capacity allocation and scheduling processes. In addition to improving efficiency, reducing errors and achieving scalability, the Trellis platform will enable the utility to immediately become compliant with the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) Wholesale Gas Quadrant Standards version 3.0.

“As the natural gas industry becomes more global, large and small energy companies alike need to increase efficiency and bring down operational costs to keep up with market demands,” said Rakesh Agrawal, CEO of Trellis Energy. “By modernizing their systems and automating their business processes with Trellis, this is easily accomplished. However, only the larger industry players have traditionally had access to the latest technology solutions that allow them to stay ahead of the curve. Trellis is changing this status quo.”

To address this gap, Trellis now offer a pre-packaged collection of modules from Trellis’ proprietary transaction management platform customized for small to mid-sized energy asset owners. With this customizable, scalable solution, smaller energy companies now have access to the same advanced technology as their larger counterparts, providing them a software solution that is a truly automated, more intuitive and completely integrated. Modules allow the customer to customize their feature set to suit their current operations and business need.

“Nearly every pipeline operator can now take advantage of Trellis as an integral part of successful business operations – without the cost associated with the largest, most feature-rich deployments,” said Agrawal. “Full functionality of the platform is ready to deploy in the future, as an organization matures enough to gain ROI from it.”

The Trellis natural gas transaction management platform manages energy transactions and automates critical processes in natural gas production, gathering, and delivery from pipeline to storage and end users behind city gate including gas supply planning and optimization. The web-based solution offers midstream and downstream natural gas companies an easily scalable and flexible solution that can keep up with companies’ growth as well as market fluctuations. Additionally, deploying the Trellis transaction management solution automatically enables companies to become fully compliant with the latest NAESB standards, thus avoiding heavy fines that can run into millions of dollars each day.

Trellis Energy launched as a stand-alone company in July 2016, after a spin-off from Blackstone Technology Group. The aim of this new entity is to bring innovative technology, products and services to energy companies across the globe. With more than 50 employees, the company is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in Houston, Denver and Washington D.C. It has already been selected by several leading energy companies including BP Pipeline, Chevron Pipeline, DTE Energy, Gaz Metro, NextEra Energy, ONE Gas, Pacific Gas & Electric and Tokyo Gas, among others.

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About Trellis Energy
Trellis Energy helps Gas, Oil and Electric energy companies move to the digital world by providing software and services to better manage and operate energy assets. Trellis Energy’s flagship software solution integrates and optimizes enterprise-wide transactions under a single, easy-to-use business management software platform that provides the business, economic and technical benefits of a SaaS, private cloud and on-premise solution.

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