Partner Connect

Connect with business partners to share data
and information electronically.

Communicate. Exchange. Automate.

Are you a shipper? Chances are you have multiple touchpoints on a single transaction, multiple times each day, and often with multiple transporters. Managing the transactions with all of the various transporters has historically been extremely challenging.

Partner Connect solves the issue of managing these complex, time-sensitive transactions for you. Regardless of whether you are using Agora Transaction Hub, a proprietary system, or spreadsheets to manage your transactions, Partner Connect lets you easily exchange information electronically to all your transporters. You can seamlessly send and receive data across all your transporters to streamline your operations and decrease operational costs.

Optimize logistics and processes across business partners.


Automatically send and receive nominations and confirmations along with scheduled and allocated quantities.

ease of reconciliation

Ease your month-end reconciliation by receiving imbalances and settlement data.

Manage Costs

Reduce labor, technology, integration, and compliance costs.