Reimagine data accessibility.

Use Trellis Datastore to unlock your data like never before.


Trellis Datastore makes disconnected data universally accessible.

Your data resides in different applications across the enterprise, often requiring proprietary reports or screens to view and extract.

Use Trellis Datastore to easily integrate and share data between applications and systems, allowing you to access it more easily, automate processes, and gain deeper insights.

With easy-to-use APIs, Trellis Datastore lets you retrieve specific data, on demand, in a universally accessible format.

From integrating with data visualization tools, to ingestion into a data lake, to communicating with third party applications—Trellis Datastore puts you in control of your data. 


API Access

On demand data access through easy-to-use APIs.

Flexible Query Capability

Get only the data that you need and want thanks to easy to configure queries.

See the Big Picture

Integrate with third-party tools and systems to unlock greater value from your data.


Modern, secure API-based architecture will scale and adapt as your business changes. 


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