Trellis ETMS

All of your core natural gas business functions | One single platform | 100% regulatory compliance

About Trellis ETMS

Trellis ETMS (Energy Transaction Management System) offers unparalleled features, functionality, and configurability to help you manage the end-to-end lifecycle of your natural gas business.  With over 40 modules, advanced workflow automation and a NAESB 3.1-compliance governance framework, Trellis ensures your natural gas business will run more efficiently and at lower business risk.

Trellis ETMS at a Glance

Trellis ETMS delivers the following core capabilities and benefits to your natural gas operation.


Flexible, fast deployments

Start small and grow on demand.


Automated processes

Eliminate manual tasks and errors.


NAESB 3.1 Compliance

Built-in governance controls to ensure regulatory compliance.


40+ modules

Leverage unrivaled capabilities in the natural gas space.


One single platform

Manage your upstream, midstream and downstream assets on one system.


100% web-based

Manage your natural gas business anytime, from anywhere.


Robust integration layer

Integrate the data you need to support your business.


Powerful analytics

Ensure accurate and efficient reporting.

“Trellis™ ETMS eliminates the headaches of compliance and reporting to auditors, creates tangible time and cost efficiencies and is intuitively and easily managed from any location through a well-designed web interface.” – Satisfied Trellis™ ETMS Customer

Trellis ETMS: Anytime, Anywhere.

Trellis ETMS is a 100% web-based solution built for today’s digital age. All you need is a browser and an internet connection, and you can manage your natural gas business at anytime, from anywhere.

Trellis ETMS supports the most popular web browsers on the market today including Chrome, IE, Safari, and Firefox.

Not only can Trellis ETMS run on your desktop or laptop, it can run on any tablet or smartphone on the market, with no special software required.

Trellis ETMS is 100% web-based, which runs in popular desktop browsers, tablets and smart phones.

Trellis. Run Your Business Smarter.