Transaction Hub

Manage your assets, transactions, maximize revenue, and optimize logistics.

Digitalize. Connect. Analyze.

Trellis is the go-to cloud-based SaaS solution digitalizing your business and connecting all market participants on a single platform. With Trellis, you can access all of your data from a single source of the truth, while gaining insights and analytics across the entire value chain. Whether you are a producer, transporter, shipper, marketer, utilities, broker, or end-user, Trellis provides front-, mid-, and back-office features and functionality that allow you to seamlessly run your business.

Imagine a single place to capture contracts and deals, gather capacity information, notices, tariffs, weather data, and pricing intel, while also scheduling nominations and managing your actualization, settlement and reconciliation processes. As if all of those capabilities weren’t enough, you can do it all while seamlessly connecting to your business partners to share data and information electronically. Transform the way you do business with Trellis.

Trellis. Run Your Business Smarter.


Manage your wellheads and gathering network transactions effectively.

Trellis allows operators to manage unique contract terms and complex meter configurations while offering visibility to producers and marketers. Track all your complex transactions, entitlements, imbalances, and commodity composition with real-time visibility. The intuitive screens and processes provide easy access to information needed to manage wellhead imbalances and flow. You can easily consolidate multiple gathering systems and pipelines into a single system.


Maximize your pipeline throughput and revenue with confidence.

Whether you are an intrastate or interstate pipeline, you will be able to conform to required FERC and NAESB standards, remain compliant with your tariff or operating conditions, provide information posting EBB, allow your shippers and marketers to conduct business online via CAWS, and still be able to manage your internal front-, mid-, and back-office functions and processes in a single platform.


Real-time insights into storage positions and rights to predict and optimize operations.

Offer natural gas storage, liquefied natural gas storage, and hub services to your customers while maintaining and predicting ratchets and inventory to effectively take advantage of the market dynamics and seasonal conditions. Take advantage of hourly and daily confirmations for multi-cycle programs. Allocate injections, withdrawals, liquefaction, vaporization, and boil off.

Supply Logistics

Accomplish your forecasts, deals, and transportation logistics with certainty.

Depend on the reliable demand forecasting, supply planning, and optimization capabilities. With these capabilities, confidently confirm deals with suppliers, maximize investment value of your transport capacity and storage rights on various upstream assets, and automate nomination and scheduling logistics with transporters. Manage no notice services, and deliver natural gas to city gates for end users. Confidently produce reliable and accurate accounts receivable and accounts payable invoices for verification against counterparty statements.


Balance your choice programs and end-user consumption with reliability.

For your local distribution network, allow your commercial and industrial consumers to transact with brokers and marketers of their choice along with switch, no notice, and imbalance services. Optimize curtailment, no notice services, and imbalance management. Automate broker billing, reconciliation, and invoicing.

Consumer Billing

Unravel complex end-user services to generate accurate statements and financials.

For your commercial, industrial, and residential consumers, unravel complex end-user services. Allow consumers to switch across various sub-tariffs and accurately perform complex billing and tax functions. Preview estimated bills and general ledger accruals anytime of the month.

Trellis. Run Your Business Smarter.