Trellis Agora

The industry’s first B2B marketplace where the natural gas industry connects to do business.


Robust platform making digital transformation easy

Natural gas industry participants can effectively and efficiently manage their business across the entire natural gas commodity supply chain and fundamentally transform how they conduct business. Trellis Agora is the first of its kind, providing a single, cloud-based platform where producers, transporters, shippers, marketers, utilities, brokers, end-users, and more can transact mission-critical business. 

Be ready for the ever-changing energy landscape with our practical and innovative solutions while easily connecting to all of your business partners to share data and information electronically. Join the platform that is changing the way the natural gas industry does business.

Trellis. Run Your Business Smarter.

Single Platform

Utilize one application for the entire natural gas supply chain.

Whether you are managing different types of assets, tariffs, or services, you can run your business on a single installation of Trellis. Lowering your total cost of ownership and remaining up to date at all times has never been easier.

Operational Intelligence

Leverage accurate and actionable dashboards.

Intelligent dashboards that allow you to focus and act on the most important tasks of the day. Instead of hunting for data, have pertinent intelligence at your fingertips.


Adhere to regulatory, audit, and SOX standards.

With Trellis, you can save time, ensure accuracy, and adhere to your compliance needs. Trellis manages your regulatory compliance ranging from NAESB, FERC, tariff rules and local PUC, to SOX audit and SOC2 reporting. We have you covered.

Data Integrity

Drive decisions with a single source of truth for business data.

Leverage the power of a single platform solution to ensure accuracy and consistency of data throughout the entire business value chain. Every record in the system is validated and audited securely, giving you peace of mind about data reliability and integrity.

Robust Integration

Interoperates within your IT ecosystem.

Seamlessly interoperates within your IT ecosystems using a range of open-standard, bi-directional integration options, including EDI. Trellis integrates with general ledger, market pricing, weather, measurement, big data and many others applications and tools.


Gain peace of mind knowing your system is secure.

Trellis is built with security-first design principles to ensure that your data is protected every step of the way. Trellis Cloud is offered in partnership with industry-leading cloud providers, ensuring that your valuable data is secure and available at all times.


Generate fast, accurate results eliminating manual tasks and reconciliations.

Reduce or eliminate manual tasks to create consistency and efficiency in your day-to-day business processes. Ensure complex calculations, data generation, validation, and disbursement occur flawlessly, driving efficiency and reducing costs.


Maximize investment value and available resources, leveraging technical intelligence.

Optimize time, technology assets, and business processes with the power of a modern platform. Utilizing various contractual, logistical, and operational intelligence to produce optimal business results, maximizing throughput. Conduct all your business anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Scale and grow on demand.

Regardless the size of your organization, Trellis can fit your business. With a modular software design and flexible deployment options, Trellis can be sized for now and grow as you do.

Trellis. Run Your Business Smarter.