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Trellis Energy™

The premiere solutions provider for natural gas businesses and utilities in the energy sector.

Run your business smarter.

Trellis Energy is a leader in helping Energy organizations run more efficiently and effectively in an ever-changing and challenging environment. With more than 20+ years of experience designing and delivering mission critical systems for industry leaders, Trellis Energy’s innovative solutions will help you run your business smarter.

Trellis IoT

Trellis IoT

Trellis Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provide real-time visibility and predictive insight into the health and performance of industrial assets without human intervention.
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Trellis ETMS

Trellis ETMS

Trellis Energy Transaction Management System (ETMS) simplifies and automates the complex business processes that support the production, gathering, pipeline, storage, and delivery of natural gas.
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Trellis Cyber Security

Trellis Cyber

Trellis Cyber provides cutting-edge industrial asset security that delivers machine learning, situational awareness and real-time forensics to protect critical infrastructure.
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Trellis solutions help our clients:


Drive New Revenue Streams


Automate Complex Business Processes


Gain Real-time Insight Into Operations


Securitize Critical Infrasctructure


Address Regulatory Compliance