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Make complex decisions faster and enjoy higher margins, assured compliance, and reduced risks.

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All your natural gas processes and partners connected via a single, modular platform

Trellis Inform

Trellis Transact

Trellis Connect

Trellis Insight

Trellis Inform

Trellis Inform is a one-stop shop for anyone working in the natural gas value chain to easily search, filter, and analyze aggregated pipeline information.

Let us do the heavy lifting of compiling data that you need. Search, filter, and analyze aggregated market information in one place. Avoid visiting pipeline EBBs to dig out Critical Notices, Operationally Available Capacity (OAC), Capacity Releases and more.

Create a personalized dashboard that displays the data that matters most to you—helping you make smarter decisions more quickly.

Trellis Transact

Trellis Transact is the leading, integrated, end-to-end cloud solution for managing all aspects of the natural gas value chain.

It allows producers, transporters, shippers, marketers, utilities, brokers, end-users, and more to transact mission-critical business in a secure, reliable, and user-friendly manner.

Leverage the power of a single solution to ensure accuracy and consistency of data throughout your business. Integrate with industry providers and partners to reduce manual processes and redundant data entry.

Every record in the system is validated and securely audited, giving you peace of mind about data reliability and integrity.

With a modern, modular, user-centric design, Trellis Transact is designed for your business.

Trellis Connect

Automate your business with Trellis Connect. 

Optimize your gas logistics across business partners through electronic data interchange (EDI). Send and receive data automatically through a centralized data solution that minimizes manual data entry and human error.

Submit your nominations in one place and have it sent to third-party pipelines with a single click. Receive scheduled quantities, imbalances and more automatically, saving you time and effort.  

Trellis Insight

Manage by exception with powerful dashboards created in Trellis Insight.

Instead of searching through data on multiple screens or reports, use Trellis Insight to surface important, actionable data in a clear, visual format.

With Trellis Insight, users and stakeholders across the enterprise can monitor critical metrics and KPIs in real-time and identify trends and anomalies.

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