Building the digital marketplace for natural gas transactions.

We’re committed to creating a modern natural gas supply chain that’s digital, efficient, and easy to manage.

About Us

At Trellis, we believe that a modern natural gas supply chain should be digital, efficient, and easy to manage, ensuring the delivery of clean energy when and where it’s needed. We’re in business to make that a reality for natural gas in North America.

We help those tasked with modeling and ensuring natural gas supply simplify their day-to-day work and rest easy at night, knowing that they have taken care of the most important tasks and minimized business risks by working within our unified data and transaction marketplace.

Our Team

Rakesh Agrawal | Founder and CEO

Rakesh Agrawal


Scott Vogan | Sales

Scott Vogan


Rashmi Agrawal | Products

Rashmi Agrawal


Izumi Attley | Engineering

Izumi Attley


Hemal circ

Hemal Pathare


Korrie circ

Korrie Courneen


Board of Directors

Rakesh Agarwal | Founder & CEO

Rakesh Agarwal

Archana Srivastava | Director

Archana Srivastava

Casey Courneen | Director

Casey Courneen

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Drive customer success, translating business demands into on-point solutions, and orchestrating timely, budget-friendly Trellis software implementations.

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Drive in-house product development, fuel customer success, and shape future business growth, while evolving professionally in a dynamic, empowering environment.

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Upcoming Events

Trellis team members look forward to meeting you at:

Join Trellis at our booth at the LDC Energy Innovations: Rockies & West Forum at the Omni San Diego. Register here.

Trellis will be exhibiting at the LDC Mid-Continent Natural Gas Forum at the Westin River North in Chicago. Register here.

Join Trellis representatives at our exhibit booth at the LDC Gulf Coast Energy Forum, taking place at the Westin Canal Place in New Orleans. Register here.

Join Trellis representatives at Energy Trading Week Americas, taking place at the Red Oak Ballroom in City Centre, Houston. Register here.

Trellis will be exhibiting at the LDC US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum at the Marriott Riverwalk in San Antonio. Register here to join us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some topics we get asked about all the time. If your question isn’t covered here or you would like more detail on one of our answers, please send us a message. We’re committed to helping you find the answers you’re seeking.

Trellis Cloud is modular, scalable, and designed to integrate with other systems, which provides many ways to deploy it across your business. 

While Trellis Cloud can be used to run your entire energy value chain, it can also be used in conjunction with ETRM, ERP, and other enterprise systems.

Popular examples include using an ETRM system for financial transactions and Trellis Cloud for physical ones, or using Trellis Cloud for large volume customer billing and an ERP system for residential customers. 

Let's discuss how to optimize your energy transaction management tech stack.

Trellis Cloud is built to be secure and natively compliant, using open source, open standard technologies.

Information security is an integral part of our software development lifecycle. We follow OWASP guidelines from design to unit testing—including quality assurance, automated testing, and penetration testing to ensure system security and integrity.

And don't just take our word for it—both Trellis and our data center provider are certified SOC-2 compliant.

So, yes, Trellis Cloud is definitely a product for compliance and security conscious companies.

Absolutely. Trellis is NAESB compliant and is committed to always ensuring compliance with the latest industry standards.

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. It allows companies to send and receive data in a standardized format.

Examples of EDI datasets handled by Trellis include nominations, confirmations, scheduled quantities, imbalances, and invoices.

Trellis Transact is designed to integrate seamlessly with many popular enterprise systems, including ERP, Billing, and ETRM platforms.

Please contact us with details of your current software stack and we will be happy to verify that Trellis Transact is going to play nicely with your existing tools.

Yes, Trellis Inform includes real-time data from hundreds of Informational Posting and EBB sites across the country.

Different sites, different formats, no problem!

Trellis Datastore facilitates downloading your data via API, for custom reporting, analysis by BI tools, and more.

Trellis Cloud also provides data download options from many of its screens, views, and reports.

We recognize that every business is unique, so we designed Trellis Cloud to offer unmatched flexibility and configurability to meet your specific business needs.

We have helped organizations operating anywhere from the wellhead to burner tip, delivering solutions to small operators and Fortune 100 companies alike.

Contact us today to configure a Trellis Cloud solution that's perfectly suited to your needs.

We're here to help!

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What else would you like to know about Trellis?

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