Model, trade, and transact natural gas with confidence.

Experience modern natural gas transaction management that’s digital, scalable, efficient, and secure.

What do you do?

Commodity Trader


Capacity Trader


Technology Manager

Business Manager

Natural Gas Buyer, Seller, Trader

Trade capture, position management, credit and risk analysis

Trellis Cloud is the one-stop shop for energy buyers, sellers, or traders.

From lightning-fast trade capture of physical and financial deals to supply and demand planning, Trellis Cloud moves as fast as you do.

The data you need is always right there when you need it, thanks to a robust selection of integrations with data providers and third-party software.

Pipeline Operator, Scheduler, Shipper

A seamless hub for shippers, operators, and schedulers

Whether you're a shipper on a pipeline, a location operator, or a pipeline scheduler, Trellis Cloud is the simplest, most intuitive and connected platform in the industry.

Seamlessly receive nominations and confirmations via EDI, then automatically balance and schedule your pipeline based on priority of service, while managing imbalance and OBA positions in real time.

Tired of logging into different pipeline EBBs every cycle? Trellis Cloud has you covered.

Manage all your nominations in one place and submit them automatically—to every pipeline—with a single click. View and manage your confirmed and scheduled quantities and track imbalances without having to chase them down.

Capacity Trader

Real time capacity availability and activity across all pipelines

As a Capacity Trader, speed makes all the difference. Manage capacity trades for transport, storage, parks and loans and more.

Trellis Cloud provides centralized, real-time capacity data across the national pipeline network, allowing you to manage your supply and demand needs more effectively, securing necessary capacity as soon as it becomes available.

Trellis Cloud also offers the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and NAESB compliant capacity release management in the industry.

Whether you are an asset owner required to provide capacity release functionality or a shipper with excess firm space, Trellis Cloud has you covered.

Accounting and Regulatory

Automated and compliant settlement and invoicing

Settlement and close has never been easier.

Trellis Cloud harmonizes your contracts, deals, scheduled volumes, and imbalances to automatically generate billed volumes and settlement data.

Trellis Cloud effortlessly complements your accounting or general ledger (GL) system through detailed interfaces, allowing monthly close or reconciliation to literally be “one click away.”

Technology Manager

Modern, future-proof, cloud-based SaaS platform

Eliminate risk and technology headaches by replacing legacy systems and spreadsheets with a secure, reliable, scalable, compliant, multi-tenant or single-tenant cloud-based solution.

Trellis Cloud uses a modern, future-proof technology stack and is securely hosted in the cloud, ensuring that your mission-critical business needs are met while maintaining IT compliance and data integrity—all while lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO).


Stay on top of your business from anywhere

As a business leader, you have a full plate.

With Trellis Cloud, you can rest assured that your company's software, system, compliance, data integrity, security, user, and customer needs are being met and exceeded.

With Trellis Cloud’s management level reporting and dashboards, you can stay on top of your business in seconds, from anywhere—even on your phone.

How do you see yourself using Trellis?

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