Reimagine automation.

Deploy Trellis Connect and stop entering the same data multiple times.


Trellis Connect makes EDI easy

Who said EDI has to be complicated?

The Trellis Connect cloud API gateway provides a simple, seamless way to communicate with third-party pipelines.

Submit your nominations once and relax as they are automatically sent to the pipelines—quick, secure, and reliable.

It works the other way, too. Scheduled quantities, imbalances, and more are automatically reported back without you having to check email or log into a single EBB.


Connected to 150+ pipelines

All the data you need, in one place.

Every Dataset Included

Why pay separately for each data set?

NAESB Certified

Fully compliant with the latest NAESB 3.2 standard.

Accessible via API

Plays nicely with your existing systems for a straightforward install and seamless data flow. 


Trellis Connect includes many other features related to pipeline data exchange. If you don't see a feature that's important to you, please click Book A Call to arrange a demo with a member of our support team.

Data accessible with Trellis Connect includes...



G873NMST – Nomination Data

G874NMQR – Quick Response


G873RQCF – Request for Confirmation

G873RRFC – Confirmation Response

G874CRQR – Quick Response


G873SQTS – Scheduled Quantity

G873SQOP - Scheduled Quantity for Operator


G867MSIN - Measurement Information

G867MAUS – Measured Volume Audit

G814MEAA - Measurement Events/Alarms


G873PDAL – Pre-determined Allocation

G874PDQR - Quick Response

G873ALLC – Allocation

G811IMBL - Shipper Imbalance


G811TSIN - Transportation/Sales Invoice

What can Trellis Connect handle for you?

Book a demo today or fill in the contact form and one of our specialists will get in touch to learn more about your business and how Trellis Connect can help.

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