Reimagine productivity.

Trellis Inform delivers all the pipeline data you need, in one place.


Trellis Inform brings the data to you

Tired of visiting multiple EBB sites every cycle? Frustrated with different data formats and layouts?

Trellis Inform brings pipeline EBB data to you, saving you time and effort.

Focus on the data that you need, when you need it, all delivered in a consistent, user-friendly format.


No More Visiting Individual EBBs

All the data you need from key pipeline is automatically compiled in a single view.

Every Dataset, Every Pipeline

Trellis Inform is connected to over 150 major pipelines.

The Ability to Act Fast

With actionable data at your fingertips, you're able to act immediately when it matters.

Customizable Notifications

Configure custom alerts to ensure you never miss critical information. 


Trellis Inform includes many other features related to pipeline data access and management. If you don't see a feature that's important to you, please click Book A Call to arrange a demo with a member of our support team.

Data accessible with Trellis Inform includes...


Pipeline Notices

Get real-time notices in one place, so you don’t miss anything important. View critical, non-critical, capacity constraints, open seasons, and more. Search by keyword to focus on pertinent data.  

Pipeline Capacity

View the latest Operationally Available Capacities across all locations. Gain insight into the total quantity scheduled and the amounts remaining for use. Maximize profits by searching by unconstrained points and more. 
Interested in buying or selling capacity? With Unsubscribed Capacity data, you can get instant insight into the forward availability and activity, giving you an unmatched pulse of the market.

Capacity Release

Capacity trade like a pro! Access offers, bids, and awards across all your favorite pipelines. Keep a pulse on the market and know when to act with unmatched insight into offered capacity, pricing, and more.  

Index of Customers

Market intelligence never looked so good! Access details on every customer on every pipeline, all in one place in an easy-to-read format. Analyze who has capacity in what location and when it is expiring. Need supply? The IoC will help you decide who to call.

Posted Imbalances

Long or short? Get insight into other shipper positions who might be interested in making a trade. Avoid expensive cash-outs and penalties.

Location Data

Get the latest location data for every pipeline, all in one place.

How will you be using Trellis Inform?

Book a demo today or fill in the contact form and one of our specialists will get in touch to learn more about your business and explore how Trellis Inform can help.

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