Trellis Energy in 2023: Year in Review

December 20, 2023

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Trellis Team

As we wrap up the year and prepare to catch our breath over the holidays, it’s time to review the year’s highlights.

From new customers to new features, it’s been a productive twelve months!

We’re grateful for everyone’s support and look forward to an even busier and brighter year in 2024.


The Trellis Team

Trellis Energy accomplishes a lot with a small, dedicated crew of experts.

During the year, we were delighted to welcome Rana Basu and Dhruv Venkatraman.

Rana Basu - VP Growth - Trellis Energy SoftwareRana brings deep experience from trading liquids, developing an ETRM, and starting his own trading company. At Trellis he is focused on expanding our position and P&L capabilities for physical trades and hedges.

He has simultaneously launched our climate initiative, tracking RNG entering natural gas pipelines from the meter and performing the mass balance allocations needed for carbon credit accounting.

Through Rana, we are excited to be working on using SCADA data to achieve improved CI tracking in near-real-time, supporting the compliance needs of RNG producers and consumers.

DhruvDhruv has worked as a process engineer, pipeline transaction specialist, implementation consultant, solutions architect, and brand marketer.

He supported product management, technical sales, and client success at Trellis for several years before taking a sabbatical and starting his own business providing process improvement, marketing, and business development services.

He rejoins Trellis as an advisor to the leadership team and plays a key role in forward-looking product strategy, implementation, and key account support.


Trellis Energy Software

Trellis Transact has grown in its front office footprint in 2023. We introduced a completely new trade blotter to simplify trade entry and improved exchange interface capability to capture trades automatically, eliminating manual trade entry for financials.

On the position and P&L side, we introduced a multi-layer book structure to enable the management of portfolios and trading strategies. This feeds directly into our Power BI reporting tools, where data can be sliced and diced in configurable dimensions.

We also completed the build out of master data for pipeline infrastructure in North America—tariffs, rates, etc.—and we now offer management and integration of this data as a service, so our clients no longer have to do it themselves.

We call this our “Common Model” since it applies to all our clients and the pipelines with which they are doing business.

Using outdated or incorrect information leads to unnecessary settlement challenges, the frequency of which can be reduced significantly using Trellis’ Common Model.

As part of our Trellis Responsible Energy initiative, we have begun partnering with RNG producers that ship on pipelines that we manage. Our goal is to capture SCADA data multiple times each hour and use it to compute instantaneous Carbon Intensity scores.

The CI scores will be integrated with flow data that we already collect to support the increasing compliance demands from regulatory and voluntary markets being faced by the renewables industry.


The Trellis Community

Trellis is proud of our clients and our growth.

We offer the only SaaS platform that exists on ‘both sides of the desk’—in other words, Trellis is often used as the EBB by the asset while also being used as the scheduling and nomination platform by the shipper.

This gives us a unique view of the market and our clients’ needs and future requirements.

We expect to announce several significant new clients early in 2024, and we see significant growth coming from the gas marketing community, natural gas storage, and LNG.


Trellis on the Road

We participated in a dozen industry events across the country, reconnecting with established customers and contacts, and making new connections.

20230913-04 LDC Gas Forum Mid-ContinentAt the LDC and Energy/Commodity Trading forums, we saw an increased focus on the role natural gas will play in the energy transition. This included alternative fuels, like hydrogen and methanol, and ammonia-based energy transfer vectors.

Our industry understands that it has a communication problem. We must do a better job of explaining to the public and to political leaders the key role natural gas plays—and must continue to play—in bringing stability and reliability to energy supply, thanks to its load following abilities.

Of the various fossil fuels in use today, Trellis Energy's focus on natural gas helps the cleanest and best-performing option support the transition to lower carbon alternatives.

20231024-03 NAGFAt the North America Gas Forum, the role played by Government was highlighted by Senator Manchin and representatives from the Department of Energy—juxtaposed against the voices of anti-oil protesters gathered outside the forum.

Bridging this gap in understanding was also a theme at ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, and it was mentioned repeatedly at COP 28 in Dubai, which ended last week.

20231026-03 ETW Americas

We were also happy to sponsor and participate in Energy Trading Week North America. Trellis team members joined panels discussing the energy transition, ETRM implementation challenges, and the growth of RINs and Carbon Credits.





Trellis on the Web

After completing a refresh of our brand, we launched our updated website in May.

It provides high-level information about our product modules, value propositions for different types of users, and how we support different players along the natural gas value chain.

In the nine months from April to December, we published 30 blog posts, covering a variety of industry topics, from the advantages of cloud-based software to opinion pieces on the energy transition.

We also published over 100 LinkedIn posts, addressing FAQs, making announcements, reporting from industry events, celebrating holidays, and showcasing members of our team.

Follow the Trellis company page on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on our news and to receive notifications about new blog posts as soon as they are published.


Coming Soon from Trellis

Trellis Energy software will continue to develop throughout 2024 in response to the evolving needs of our growing customer base.

Stay tuned for new client announcements covering multiple segments of the natural gas industry—including an announcement from an emerging market.

We also look forward to seeing you at natural gas and energy trading events throughout the year. Keep an eye on our events schedule, which will be updated as new events get confirmed.

The holiday season is about hope—and the view from the bridge on the Trellis ship is indeed hopeful.

While we acknowledge the challenges presented by energy security, climate justice, and the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere, we lean on our faith in the essence of humanity, seeking a better quality of life for our families and the generations to follow. This drives the Trellis team to do its little bit to power the pathway to that future.

We hope you will join us—or continue with us—on that journey in 2024.


At Trellis Energy, we believe that a modern natural gas supply chain should be digital, efficient, and easy to manage, ensuring the delivery of clean energy when and where it’s needed. We’re in business to make that a reality for natural gas in North America.

Talk to us about Digital Simplification for your climate, trading, and logistics goals.


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