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Businesswoman reading a letter

September 06, 2023

Letter to the CIO: Investing in Cloud-Based Software

Dear Chief Information Officer, Re: Investing in a Cloud-Based ETMS Solution: A Strategic Imperative Recognizing your broad technical experience and your constant efforts to maintain our company's...

Graphic showing compliance, regulations, and standards
Natural Gas

April 26, 2023

An Introduction to NAESB Standards and FERC Compliance

FERC, NAESB, GISB, NERC, CURB—what does it all mean? The world of energy transaction compliance is fraught with an alphabet soup of acronyms and plenty of lengthy compliance and standards...

XLS graphic superimposed on 0s and 1s symbolizing spreadsheet data

April 12, 2023

For the Love of Spreadsheets, It's Time for Something Less Risky

Spreadsheets are powerful and awesome. 81% percent of businesses use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets somewhere in their day-to-day operations. They are a low-cost, high-value solution for nearly every...

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